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Working Together on Project

Philip Palser

Trustee and Operations Manager

Philip worked for over twenty five years as Operations Director and latterly as Chief Technology Officer with extensive experience in day to day operations, marketing, HR, IT, ISO H&S, quality and environmental audits. Having taken "early retirement" he is now busier than ever. He is involved with a number of projects including a health and community charity, business consultancy as well as Vice Chair for a local primary school.

"I was a young person once, many moons ago. I know! Today our world is so full of noise and agendas, influences and influencers selling product, image and mind control. Young people, of any age should be free to be their authentic selves not just aspire to be an AI generated or photoshopped image. Young people have so much social media and digital connections yet they have never been so alone or at risk. We need to connect with each other to balance our lives and minds. No matter what our age.

I joined The Gap because I wanted to help our local young people. We can talk about the struggles of being a teenager, but what do we actually do about it? The Gap gives me the opportunity to meet and help others who I may see walking down my local street. Every town should have an organisation like The Gap."

Philip Palser
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